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Assetto Corsa Game Review

The world of racing games is often defined by the number of tracks available. With Assetto Corsa, the number of tracks on offer is a far greater element. It’s one of the most impressive racing games that will launch this year. Since this game also aims to be more realistic, that means you won’t have to settle for the tracks that are available at launch.

But Assetto Corsa is not just a track-setter. This is an experience with real time options as well. You can even drive your way across the vast seas of the Italian peninsula or take to the skies over America.

In Assetto Corsa, the beauty is in the driving. There is so much detail and functionality in this race experience. There is no disputing that it can deliver on the promise made by it being a “Racing Game” – an experience that will force you to give real life car driving a great try.

Before you get too carried away with all the opportunities there are for you to indulge in, it is important to remember that Assetto Corsa is a racing game, and that is where the major differences lie. Unlike some of the racing games, which give you a license to drive from beginning to end, it will limit your path, and it will also help you to earn credits for doing so. It will also help you to race and place against other players in the realistic environment Assetto Corsa offers.

You can choose to play the game as either a professional driver or an amateur racer. This is an option that suits a good number of players, because it’s not always practical to become a professional. Of course, there are those who would jump in at the earliest opportunity, but the key to being successful is to be patient.

Before you can really be a professional player in Assetto Corsa, you will have to gain enough credits to progress through the various levels of the career mode. Some of the levels to give you a better view of the road system, others give you detailed visuals of the weather conditions, and others allow you to take part in both races and autologues. These really help you to learn about the driving field and the sport at large.


Once you’re done with the career mode of Assetto Corsa, it is time to move on to the online racing. Online gaming has its pros and cons. On the upside, you can jump in and out of any track and race on as many times as you like. Online races are still the most popular racing events of all time and now there is another dimension added to the whole event.

If you do not wish to race with your friends in the same race, you can challenge them against each other. There is a winner’s circle in Assetto Corsa, and when you win you can also have the option of handing over the trophy and a handsome reward to whoever wins. It’s a great feeling when you’ve built up a significant lead over the other players and you can’t wait to unleash your real racing skills to help you claim the prize!