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A Look At The Latest Forza Horizon 4 Racing Game

Racing games are something that every generation seems to have, and it seems that this year is a big hit with Xbox users. One of the top games is the latest entry in the long running series: Forza Horizon 4.

Playground Games has made a major shift in this newest iteration. As the developer has seen the changes in consumer preferences in the form of newer platforms and devices, they’ve added new features for the Xbox players who demand more than just a generic race around a track. It appears that the “next-gen” platform is also the place to find all of the tools that gamers have been looking for.

The point of the experience is to see as much of the world as possible, though you won’t be able to truly experience it from the open road. Instead, you’ll get behind the wheel and blast down familiar roads. Forza has been known to allow the player to customise the car to create something completely unique. This time around, though, the genre has expanded to include things like weather, and an even more intricate customisation process has been implemented.

In addition to the car customization, weather, and general scenery will play a large role in the final version of the game. It looks like forza made the switch to an advanced lighting system that puts more into focus the real and mechanical details. Look at what the game can do with the night time as it adds flares and things like that.


The developers will continue to field test the game for several months before it’s released, so it’s going to have plenty of changes to go over before it hits stores. Many of the features that had been shown at the Xbox showcase event have already been confirmed, including the new field tests. But it’s still possible that some of the ideas that are shown off won’t make it into the final release.

The developers are also letting gamers get a look at the mechanics by giving them some sort of live feedback. Since most races will not be on the track, you’ll be able to give your feedback by jumping into the action in the game. The feedback will let the developers to see what they need to improve on for future releases, and it also lets you get a sense of how other players like the design of the experience.

Finally, there’s a huge amount of online play that’s included in the game. You can interact with other players all over the world while doing your own game. What that means is that the developers can keep adding in features and content as time goes on, and you’ll find the same car and tracks to race against others all over the world. It’s not as perfect as the actual race course, but it’s a far cry from being a stand-in.

Forza Horizon is the next great racing game to come out on the Xbox platform. It looks like we’ll be getting some more insight in the coming months, and it’ll likely change the face of racing games once again.